Our mission

CD PAINTING undertakes projects such as painting, epoxy and surface preparation to the satisfaction of its clients, in accordance with their needs, requirements and schedules.

At the beginning, there were only two shareholders in the company, Marco Massiah and Brigitte Beauchamp, who specialized in commercial and residential painting. 

In 2012, Miguel Massiah became a business partner and brought an era of change to the company by adding new services, like epoxy and floor preparation, while focusing on the development of the organization’s digital profile.

With a well-established succession plan aligned with the company’s strategic vision, the members of the CD Painting team are proud to develop a family business. The team is passionate about the company’s business practices and dedicated to offering exceptional quality service to its clients by staying at the forefront of techniques and trends in order to complete projects according to their requirements and schedule.

Our values

The values of CD PAINTING uphold its principles and guide its daily operations.

All employees of CD PAINTING are committed to adopting the best business practices at all times in compliance with the laws, standards and codes in effect, while remaining true to the company’s values:

For CD PAINTING, safety, well-being, respect for people, sustainable development, innovation, as well as the integrity of individuals and the company, are its most important values.

Golf tournament

In 2019, we organized a golf tournament in order to donate the profits to an organization in our region that is close to our hearts: L’Amicale des personnes handicapées physiques de l’Outaouais. The first tournament was a great success and we were able to donate $15,600 to the organization. We are regularly involved in this organization, notably by having a member of our team sit on its board of directors.