Marco Massiah
Director General

Since starting out as a qualified painter in 1984 and founding his own company in 1989, Marco Massiah has embodied excellence and innovation in the construction field. His professional journey is marked by a resilient ability to overcome industry challenges. Thanks to his unwavering commitment to high-quality personalized service, Marco has propelled his company to success.


His strategic vision and leadership were recognized during his involvement with the Quebec Construction Association, where he played a crucial role in shaping policies that define the future of the industry.


Marco is also a key player in sector development, actively contributing to several influential committees. Holding a Gold Seal certification in project management, he also has extensive experience as an estimator, skills that distinguish him as an accomplished CEO.


Passionate about knowledge transfer, Marco is dedicated to training the new generation of leaders, ensuring a robust and dynamic succession for the family business he built. His commitment to perpetuating the company’s values ensures not only continuity but also the constant evolution of his legacy in the construction sector.

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